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Monday, 29 June 2020

As the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic begin to subside - people are eager to get back on track and to get to work. We are all hoping for a V shaped recovery; with an immediate surge in business but of course there is a lot of uncertainty in the marketplace. While the Ibec Economic Outlook forecasts a long road ahead to recovery, this is the time to consider the skillsets you’ll need in your business and how best to secure them. In support of business the Ibec Reboot & Reimagine Campaign sets out an ambitious national recovery plan and a pathway for a sustainable economy and society in Ireland. Labour Market Activation is going to be crucial with the potential for apprenticeship offerings playing a huge part in addressing unemployment among young people. Hiring a manufacturing engineering apprentice is a highly effective way to bring in new talent into your business, in a low-cost way. Manufacturing Engineering apprenticeships are a great way to upskill existing staff or integrate new hires quickly into the business. With our programmes starting shortly in August we’d love to hear from you now. Learn More

Apprenticeship Program
You may have struggled with recruitment in the past; either taking on school leavers and aiming to train them internally without external, expert support or hiring experienced manufacturing technicians who can be quite expensive. The manufacturing engineering apprentice programme is the ideal solution to this dilemma, facilitating you to recruit and upskill apprentices who can be trained to fill the roles you need; in a supportive, highly versatile programme designed around the needs of your manufacturing facility. Alternatively, it is also ideally suited to up-skilling existing employees with more than 60% of companies involved to date sponsoring existing staff on the programmes.
Our summer intake is about to begin in August, and we have places available for our programmes in Cork, Limerick, Sligo and Galway-Mayo Institutes of Technology.

Benefits of Apprenticeships to Employers
Maybe you are taking a risk right now without having enough people trained in certain technical skills to cover sick leave or holidays – skills that may be vital to maintaining your production lines. Or maybe you’ll be exposed if key members of staff leave and there isn’t a sufficient pipeline of trained staff to take over? The apprenticeship programme alleviates this risk; by giving you time to upskill the apprentice in a planned, effective manner – giving you a low-cost way to secure the skills you need; specific to your own manufacturing environment.

Entry Requirements

Leaving Certificate (or equivalent), Grade 06 at ordinary level in 5 subjects 2 of which must be Maths and a language (English or Irish). In the case of a mature student (over 23 yrs) an industry interview is required.

Fresh Thinking
We have apprentices signed up to the programmes that come from a wide variety of backgrounds and they bring a range of talents and experience with them – skills that benefit businesses and open up teams to new ways of thinking. Feedback has shown they move from an observing phase to a questioning phase emerging to an engineering thought process on complex issues while bringing a new perspective and enthusiasm to in-company projects.

Increased Productivity
On that topic, we have countless testimonials from many companies that say the apprentices are pushing up productivity and contributing to the bottom line. Here’s a case study on J&J Vision that talks about the experience of one employer in this context.

Next Step to Secure an Apprentice
There are a few steps to take before employing an apprentice, so that you can be confident the programme will meet your business requirements – but these are very simple and quick. They include an initial assessment, interview, liaison to make sure the apprentice has role which benefits both him/her and the requirements of the business and lastly, registration with Solas and the respective college.
So we’ve got the places, the programme is starting in August 2020 – can we help make it work for your business?
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